The last few years we’ve experienced that our current economic system and way of thinking is outdated and decremental to the natural world and our basic human needs. 


Ex Natura focuses on devising and implementing practical, nature-based solutions, where three key components always play a central role. 



Curiosity is what drives me. It has taken me around the world, where different cultures opened up new ways of thinking and gave me different, refreshing, perspectives. Central to this curiosity is my love for people and nature.

The pollution I encountered during my travels, motivated me to head in the direction of ‘’sustainability’’ and more specifically Circular Economy and biomimicry. The idea of using 3.8 billion years of R&D and mimicking successful natural models like the one used in Circular economy, an economy where there is no waste and where everything is cyclical, just made sense.   

In nature you’ll find a lot of things that are complex and simple at the same time. In my work I use the same approach and combine creativity and common sense to come up with ‘’simple’’ solutions to seemingly complex situations. In these solutions’ feasibility is the most important aspect. No execution, no change, no gratification.

I guess that, in the end, I just enjoy paying my little contribution to a more sustainable and more social future where nature and people come before money.



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